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Only the salvation and new life that Jesus produces through his Holy Spirit changes our hearts.

It is always good to recognize that where there is expectation, there is a need.

Each one of us came to church with the desire to know God, to be genuinely his disciples, to be able to please him more and also to receive.

When Jesus is there, it is impossible for the best to not happen.

We can ask ourselves ... what is the basis of this statement?

When the Lord turned the water of the wedding at Cana in Galilee into wine (John 2: 1-12)Scripture says that he was recognized by the people who attended the party, he delivered the best wine.

God always does his best.

His plan for each of us is the best of heaven, because his mercies are permanent and perfect.

Every time we congregate in church, what the Word of God says happens in Luke 9:11 (NTV) “But the crowds found out where he was going and followed him. Jesus received them and taught them about the kingdom of God and healed those who were sick. "

The ultimate expression of joy and worship is when we understand that our Creator is in the midst of our lives.

This is precisely what the Gospel is about.

God's love precedes our decision to attend a service. His Word makes it clear to us that He first loved us.

When we come to church, we receive grace, forgiveness and acceptance and we just have to praise the Lord and have faith, keeping the testimony alive in our hearts.

Our eyes open to a spiritual glance on each situation that we live daily.

God's message allows us to understand who our savior is; our comfort and refuge when we activate that mechanism that brings us closer to its blessings; Faith.

What is humanely impossible for man is possible for God.

Just put your faith to work!