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Only the salvation and new life that Jesus produces through his Holy Spirit changes our hearts.

The primary function of the Holy Spirit is for our lives to be for the glory of God.

Before we lived for our own lives, thirsty; having achieved things, but maintaining a feeling of emptiness, because we looked for in the human what only God could give us.

Salvation gives us a "new nature" and with it a different perception of the spiritual.

Before we were ignorant of the things of God, we were blind to the reality that the Lord lives.

For us, Jesus was “a tradition” that they told us as children. But Jesus lives and lives in our hearts.

In order to understand this concept, it is necessary to be “born again” and, in order to do so, we must know Jesus and have the will to summon his presence.

Both men and women individually decided to distance themselves from God and disobey him in violation of His Word [Gn. 3-1: 13]. In the same way that they were able to choose to depart, God gives us the provision to choose and the power to draw near.

Salvation is something that no person can give us. Only Jesus makes us understand that we must open our hearts to the understanding and relationship that He gives us.

The heart that pleases God is one who believes that Jesus is Lord and confesses it to be saved. Faith and prayer are the ways that connect us and allow us to know salvation.

We should not "die eternally," because Christ died for us.

The key is to have faith ... believe in the Gospel.

Those of us who are saved have the privilege of Jesus dwelling in our hearts through the Holy Spirit.

In Matthew chapter 9: 1 (RV 60) it says: "Then Jesus entered the boat, went to the other side and came to his city."

The Lord called Capernaum "his house". That was the place where He entered and was at ease, however its inhabitants ended up "hardening" their hearts after having witnessed many miracles.

We can have "two types of hearts" ... the "Nazareth type" heart that represents an attitude of rejection and disbelief, or "Capernaum initial type", that represents those who love his presence and believe in him.

Today the Lord continues to look at hearts that receive and believe him. Even today Jesus is looking for passionate people.

Our desire must be oriented mainly so that we can please the Lord with our faith and in the search for a solid relationship, building up every day the heart that pleases God.