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In a brief and powerful way, Dr. Claudio Freidzon encourages us to fulfill the purpose that God designed for our daily journey.

Our life as Christians has a mission to fulfill and that is that from Monday to Monday, in the place that we have to attend, be it study, in the faculty, in the supermarket, at work ... in the place where we live, where we share With people who have a different perspective of daily life, we can transmit God's purpose to them through our actions. It is a call to be "Temples of 2 God" every day.

The mission of the church from its beginnings was to bring to conversion and discipleship those who like today did not believe in the truth expressed by Christ.

The church grew and the Lord constantly added those who were saved. Christians preached and miracles multiplied.

In the Book of Acts, we can find testimonies of the power of God, in the situations that the apostle Peter had to go through.

They lived from miracle to miracle ... from conversion to conversion ... but also from prison to prison.

The church was always under the pressure of darkness.

However Peter was detained for preaching boldly; That same early church was gathered in one home. The brothers were gathered praying for Peter to be released from his captivity, to which the Lord responded by removing him from prison at midnight.

That boldness of the heroes of the faith has cemented the heart of this church in Belgrano, bringing to these days that incessant search for the manifestations of the Holy Spirit.

When one reads the New Testament, precisely the work of Paul; Whoever had the opportunity to make himself known, he did not start his story in the tremendous conversion on the road to Damascus, but started from Abraham and the people of God.

He began by mentioning his lineage: "I belong to this family ... that of the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob, the God of Joshua, the God of judges, the God of Samuel, the God of kings ... Saul ... King David ... the God of Jesus, who became man; He dwelt among us and we saw his glory. The God of the church.

Each house has a lineage.

Each church has a history and a lineage and a promise. And that promise is for everyone who wants to receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

God wants to do something new about this generation and says to us: "DO NOT FEAR!"

It is because He has the power to calm storms.

He has the power to make the impossible possible.

Do not worry!