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Our communion with God fills us with his faith and gives us the certainty that despite the circumstances, his promises will be fulfilled in our lives.

The Christian faith often raises mockery in people. It is causative among people who hear about our beliefs, when reading the Bible; When singing other types of music ... make decisions that are aligned with the Word of God, that consider us "rare" or that we are outside the current social context.

It happens that those who did not have an experience; they did not live what the thirsty, needy, sunken heart in depression finds when it knows Jesus.

So we have precious faith that is worth living.

When people do not know Jesus, it is when they ignore the meaning and value of adoption.

But you need to understand what adoption is.

Many times, children suffer in life, perhaps due to abandonment, perhaps due to situations in the biological family, which has caused not having their parents or leaving the home.

As a consequence, wounds and pain mark its existence.

On the other hand, we observe the great expression of love of the person who adopts, understanding that he is not responsible for all that pain and suffering.

But when a person adopts out of love, this act manifests itself in security, love and contentment from the moment the child enters his home.

On the spiritual plane, we know that the Lord saw us lost, orphaned, wounded in the world. However, at the precise moment that Christ came to this earth, and he forgave us and saved us, he gave us the privilege of being adopted as children of God and, from that moment, He is responsible for having a family ... the family of the Sky. That we have a father who is our Father

Heavenly and may we have the love that perhaps we never had.

That great God, who gave an immense display of love, where he chose us as we were, to adopt us, gave us the assurance of his fatherhood and gave us a destiny and a purpose.

That faith that is worth living is the faith that the Lord gave us to walk hand in hand each day.

The faith that is worth living is the one that allows us to experience the miracles of God every day of our lives.

Our guide, our hope, our direction, our spirit does not have to be marked by what we see or what others say, but by what God speaks to our hearts every day.

The times of defeat and fear will transform into glorious times.

The faith that is worth living is the one that helps us to remain firm in times of difficulty.

The faith that is worth living is the one that tells us: "Receive your miracle ... because I am with you!"