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Our trust in God is the food of our faith. We believe in his supernatural power and his fidelity that always manifests itself on time.

The purpose of the wonders of God is for the world to create. That each person may have the opportunity to be touched by his power.

In Acts 19:11 [RV 60] says the Word of God. "And God performed extraordinary miracles by the hand of Paul, in such a way that the cloths or aprons of his body were still taken to the sick, and the diseases left them, and the evil spirits left."

How important to consider that miracles occurred through a man transformed by the love of God, with a new life; a new heart!

But miracles are from God, wonders belong to him ... miracles are not from man.

We simply are the ones who cry out and wait.

The Lord worked miracles in Ephesus; a place of absolute idolatry, there the name of Jesus was preached and exalted, because the manifestations of his power were given in an extraordinary way.

Pablo was taken to that city to live an experience that surpassed the power of God.

These events lead us to reflect that we should "focus" our time of worship. Often the excessive "familiarity" with religion takes us away from the focus on which we must focus our hearts ... Christ.

Our full trust must be rooted in the extraordinary God we have.

The human condition that we must adopt is to focus our attention on the time that we dedicate to prayer, church, praise and adoration, hoping to edify ourselves in faith, longing for what happens so many times in the Bible to happen.

In John 21: 3 [RV 60] the Word of God tells us of an event that impacted Jesus' disciples.

"Simon Peter said to them: I am going to fish. They said to him: Let us also go with you. They went and entered a boat; and that night they caught nothing. "

This episode narrates the condition of those men who had heard rumors about the Lord's resurrection, but whose hearts were ready for unbelief and closed to hope; but, from the next verse, everything would change in their lives… ”When it was already dawn, Jesus appeared on the beach; but the disciples did not know that it was Jesus. ” [Jn. 21: 4 KJV]

After that, the Lord makes contact with them and then an extraordinary miracle occurs: "And he said to them: Little children, do you have something to eat? They answered him: No. He said to them: Cast the net to the right of the boat, and you will find. So they threw it out, and they couldn't get it out anymore, because of the large number of fish. ” [Jn. 21: 5-6 KJV]

Every miracle contains two components: God and His Word on the one hand and faith on the other.

The Lord proposed the solution to an unsuccessful night of fishing and the fishermen accepted.

The Almighty God we trust is revealed once again in this chapter with a forceful supernatural fact.

In the midst of failure; In the midst of scarcity, even in the midst of "empty networks", the Lord is always present when our faith triggers our relationship with Him.

That risen Christ is the same God we trust and has not changed. Let us continue to place our hope in Him.

The Lord appears in the most difficult moments; His faithfulness leads us to strengthen our faith.

“Then that disciple whom Jesus loved said to Peter: He is the Lord! When Simon Peter heard that it was the Lord, he put on his clothes (because he had stripped them), and he threw himself into the sea. ” [Jn. 21: 7 KJV 60]

In God We Trust!