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The Lord seeks to bless us at all times and places so that the works of God may be manifested in us.

Biblical Quote: [John. 9: 1-7 KJV 60]

There is no other name given to men that produces the impact generated by the name Jesus.

Above all, the name that we interpret, not only with the mind, but with the spirit, for all those who in one way or another have been educated within a Christian family. Conceptually, the knowledge of Jesus is manifested through the intellect; but what leads to salvation is the spiritual revelation of the Lord.

In the Bible, we can find the example when the Lord speaks with his disciples in Caesarea Philippi, [Mt. 16:13 KJV 60] a place given to idolatry, when asked who the people believed to be the "Son of man".

Peter had the revelation in the spirit given by God to answer correctly “You are the Christ; the son of the living God. " [Mt. 16:16 RV 60]

Each one of us would have to have this revelation of who Jesus is, at this time our "spiritual eyes" can be opened and declare: Christ really lives and is real for my life!

Today, as in Biblical times, we can ask at a gathering of friends; at work or among fellow students… and who do you think Jesus is?

We would get all kinds of answers; from absolute disbelief, to those who stopped going to church because they thought there was nothing for them.

Precisely, in that question lies the discredit; when we interpret everything through thought. "Everything remained in the mind, but not in the heart."

Jesus is our savior. He is the "King of Kings".

When we worship and sing praises, we are not doing it from our thoughts but from the heart, because "something happened" when we cried out to Jesus.

All this is not precisely because everything is fine around us, but we know that there is one who has already overcome and has given us eternal life; the one that we will not win in heaven. We receive eternal life when we open the doors of our hearts to receive Christ Jesus.

The Lord came to us and gave us that longing to know God in a personal way, so that each one can experience the power of the Holy Spirit.

We have the message that can change lives by bringing people out of darkness in an instant. We know the preaching that leads us to a true path, giving our neighbor the opportunity to know that path.

The Lord healed a man born blind by the pool of Siloe [Jn. 9: 1-7 KJV] to fulfill the mandate of God the Father.

In the same way our spiritual condition is manifested when we do not know Jesus. "One is born and remains without seeing the truth and the way until he knows it."

But we have the message of Jesus Christ; the message that heals, that saves, that liberates and redeems. We have an answer.

Jesus is the answer.