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Staying firm in God's promises encourages us in the most extreme difficulties. His Word is faithful and its fulfillment far exceeds our expectations.

[Ezra 7: 6 KJV] “This Ezra came up from Babylon. He was a diligent scribe in the law of Moses, which Jehovah God of Israel had given; And the king granted him all that he asked, because the hand of Jehovah his God was on Ezra. "  

The Lord invites us every week to open our hearts; because only He and through the work of the Holy Spirit, can cause those hearts that receive words of encouragement but in "external form", to be prepared to incorporate His Word and apply it in daily living.

In the Old Testament we find Ezra.

This man was a studious priest and scribe who was in captivity in Babylon who, even under the shame this caused his people, kept his spirit in tune with the Lord's purposes for his people. He examined the scriptures in depth and continued to believe the God of Abraham ... his God.

Let's continue believing God, because his hope does not shame!

There, in Babylon; Fourteen years later, far from his lands, everything changed for him and for the people of Israel.

Similarly, the good decisions we make in the present prepare us for a future of blessing.

The present of this man, as well as that of each of his brothers who had been separated from their nation, was sad. However, amid the disbelief and discouragement of most of his people, passion for God burned in Ezra's heart.

Hope placed in God is what helps us to cross any desert, because we do not feed on what we see; our nutrient is the source of the Holy Spirit, who nourishes our roots and we are like the tree planted next to streams, that, although everything is desert, that tree is always blooming and its leaves do not fall.

Our perspective is not based on what we see, but on what we believe.

What we see takes away our spirits ... what we believe gives us more and more hope, based on the food provided by a powerful God.

Praying every day; Reading His Word, being in communion with the Lord every day, that relationship occurs that Ezra established by studying in depth the Law of God.

Trusting in the times of God, he made that scribe speak to forty thousand people, making known everything that the Lord had deposited in his heart during captivity and that his brothers had just forgotten.

He, along with his imprisoned people, found grace and was able to return, obtaining the help of King Cyrus, who, although pagan, respected and even financed the return trip of the Hebrew people.

That same God who produces hope is the One who offers us the way out of the impossible.

Waiting in God's times represents not acting in our forces, but waiting for favor.

The God who produces hope is also the one who opens all doors!

The biblical example of Ezra is to see a man put his hope in God and then see what he yearned for to be fulfilled.

Just like this man, let's prepare our hearts to be lifted by putting our hope in the Lord!