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Our God is strong and godly. Slow to anger and great in mercy. He summons the actions of women in the task of manifesting His love in the city.

The Word of God tells us in the letter to the Ephesians, in chapter three, verse fourteen: "When I think about all this, I fall to my knees and say a prayer to the Father." (Ephesians 3-14 NTV).

That is my feeling when I think that a powerful army, represented by the action carried out by women, drives the movement that develops the church.

God's love is manifested through a large group that rises to have a notorious presence in the city of Buenos Aires.

Days of extreme love; days of compassion, days of mercy, where emergencies, floods, pain are seen, are the calls that the Lord has for us.

The mercy of God means that He puts his heart on our miseries, to love us, to heal us, to lift us up and enhance us "over what is not."

The greatest joy we can experience is saying to the Holy Spirit every day: "here I am, nothingness itself, ready to do the work."

Throughout the times, several women evangelists played a prominent role in the spiritual transformation of society, having faced crises that impacted beyond their environment. They dared to believe God. Women who did not look at “their smallness”.

They set their sights on the One who broke the limits.

Those women arose in the midst of times where it was difficult to speak from a platform and announce the good news of the Kingdom.

However they were called by God. That was what transformed his condition. There was nothing that could stop them, because the call is stronger when it comes from the voice of God.

That same voice of the Lord, is the one that is saying to us today: "What are you doing in these times of pain, crisis and catastrophes"?

God makes us participate in a "newness of life" and in that eternal life; in that powerful life; the life of Christ, where every day and in the midst of difficulties he makes us plant the flag of faith.

Let us declare that in every place we are will be "house of God and gate of Heaven".

We know with certainty what the Word affirms: "He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will dwell under the shadow of the Almighty." (Psalms 91-1 KJV)

The voice of God calls us, now more than ever, saying: “Get up, woman, just as Deborah got up; as Esther did… rise up in your generation… be brave and strong. ”

We must lift our eyes to heaven in these times. These are not times to go back and close your eyes. The Lord is calling the women of this generation to be instruments of his work; women of influence.

We are destined to be the authors of a new story, which will be the best legacy; the greatest inheritance; the best treasure that we can give to those that the Lord has put in our lives.

They are times to see more than ever the beloved, the redeemer; to hope, being "prisoners of that wonderful hope", which is Jesus Christ.

These times where humanity is focusing its thought on hopelessness and uncertainty, are where we must bring that renewal; that hope and that spirit sustained in the love of Jesus.