"Take care of your heart" - Dr. Claudio Freidzon

Reading time: 3 minutes

Everything that has communion with God must be holy. Dr. Claudio Freidzon invites us to keep our hearts even in the midst of difficulties.

Naaman was a very important general in the Syrian army. He relates the book of Second Kings in chapter 5, that during one of his incursions invading the land of Israel under the command of his troops, he took as a booty several Hebrew families to be servants.

This man, very important to his king, concealed a serious health problem. Under his armor and clothing, leprosy, an incurable disease was undermining his entire body.

The Bible takes leprosy as an example of sin; This makes man go away little by little from the purposes of God.

Only Christ can cleanse sin. Only Christ can spare our lives ... only Christ can set us free!

Returning to history; once the servant of this soldier sees him so ill, he tells him about the person of Elisha, "a prophet of the true God" who can heal him.

So it was that this man ends up going to the land where Elisha was, who does not receive him personally and, even more, it is indicated by his assistant that the solution for his leprosy is that he go to bathe in the Jordan River.

We already know that after Naaman's initial anger and denials, the "seventh dive" left this general's skin completely clean.

The uprooting of that young woman who was a maid from the Syrian general's house and, even the adversity of being far from home and in the midst of strange customs and beliefs, did not get her heart moved, because she knew how to deposit her faith and hope in a powerful God.

That same God of Israel is the one who is here today to change circumstances and transform hearts and, just as that young woman was able to testify to a living God, today the call is for your faith not to be broken; that your convictions do not stray.

That being in a land where people do not worship the true God, that our hearts remain faithful to the God who does not change.

Take care of your heart!