Table of Contents of RdR Kids

Construyendo en Papel

Building on Paper

Today, Seno Pili (I know many already know her) teaches us a technique to make a paper airplane, step by step. After we...

Reunión RDR KIDS

RDR KIDS Meeting

Do not miss this meeting with teachers and friends of RDR KIDS. Today we have a time to share and meet again online. Until...

Con Jesús en Casa

With Jesus at Home

In this video Micol tells us about ways to know and follow Jesus at Home. ...

Cleo Investiga

Cleo Investigates

Today Cleo brings us a new question that leads her to investigate: How does a child of God act? ...

A practicar estos pasos!

Let's practice these steps!

Do you remember the song that Ema played on the guitar? Now, Mico put steps to practice! Do they come out?

El vive

He lives

Today Romi and Valu from the children's choir greet us. Together they declare that Jesus lives, we learn with them a verse from the Bible and ...

Ha resucitado y está vivo

He is risen and is alive

Micol leaves us this message to remind us that at Easter we remember that Jesus Risen.

En el nombre de Jesús

In the name of Jesus

Do not miss this special time of God for your life. Today Yani tells us about the power of the name of Jesus and how in his name there is ...

Una Historia de Pascua

An Easter Story

Well, today we have a beautiful story, which Senora Sonia brings us for these special days, where we remember what Jesus did for ...

Te doy gracias

I thank you

Ema brings us this beautiful song that we can sing at home and as a family. Do you remember this song? The boys made it with Ema a ...

Con Jesús en Casa

With Jesus at Home

We present you a meeting place where you can share a message of love, hope and reflection with Jesus at home at this time

Segunda Clase de Flauta

Second Class Flute

We present to you the second class of this Flute course, if you still did not cheer up, look for that flute that is at home and start!

Primera Clase de flauta

First Class Flute

Teacher Silvana from the Children's Choir brings us a beautiful course to learn Flute from the beginning. Cheer up !!!

La historia de Jonás

Jonah's Story

Micol tells us the Story of Jonah. We learn how important obedience to God and his mercy is when there is a true ...

Imágenes para compartir

Images to share

I chose one of these images to share a message of encouragement and hope. ...