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The heart oriented in the will of God is an instrument of blessing in your hands.

The Bible tells us that "to those who love God, all things work together for good. This is those who according to their purpose are calleds". [Rom. 8:28]

Those of us who walk according to God's purpose daily obtain as a result the desire to love him.

How good it is to attend a church meeting and understand that there is a God who loves us, who has a plan for our lives and that we, as a result of that relationship that produces the Holy Spirit in our hearts, have the desire to walk with the!

When one loves God, even the problems, the adversities, what we don't understand; we are certain that everything operates under the control of its purpose.

The Lord is our shepherd who does not leave us, and our strength that lifts us up!

In daily life we must have that disposition to consecration.

Although we live in a society without faith in God, we do not live according to the lifestyle of those who do not have faith. We are not isolating ourselves from social and daily treatment, sanctity and consecration does not consist in isolating ourselves, but in maintaining purity in the midst of the world.

A clear example of this occurs in sea fish that, despite living in salt water, their meat remains sweet.

Repentance is the instrument that helps us to reflect on our behaviors and straighten our walk according to the will of God.

The book of Jonah shows us the heart of a man full of pride who initially disobeyed the order to go preach to a city of which God Himself had compassion. 

The process of going contrary to the Lord's plans delays our blessing but does not stop his command.

Many people walk far from the plans that God has for their lives, without knowing their greatness and wonders.

Just as Jonah ignored it; had to sink and be returned to land from the belly of a large fish, so the man many times, decides to move away to be rescued later by the mercy of the Lord

But the heart surrendered to God occupies us, brings us together, gathers us together, makes us search in depth for the purposes designed for each one of us.

When someone is exhausted; he is consecrated, and reaches the mercy of God; receive God's favor, like Jonah.

He was sunk ... he was lost, he was wrong and then when he repented the Lord gave him a new opportunity.

The Lord renews his mercy on us every day, when there is in us a heart permeable to his voice; a surrendered heart.